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Protect Several Industries

Enforcement Security Services provide protection for various sectors such as commercial buildings, residential, apartments, under contruction sites and more.

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Emergency Dispatch

Emergencies happen at any time, we are just one call away to cater your emergency need. We have dedicated professional security guards working with us.

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Motivated Guards

We have energetic and motivated team of security guards working at Enforcement Security Services. We are ready for to serve you at our best at all time.

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24/7 Services

We offer & manage ongoing security services of your organization. Keeping your organization working as it should be and keeping up with improvements that can be made.

About Our Guards

When you hire an Enforcement Security Services guard or guard team, you are taking the first step towards a secure home, event or business. Our highly skilled officers utilize the training that they have received to prevent, protect and guard your properties with the utmost care and security level.

The fitness level of our guards allows them to physically prevent security breaches and potential perpetrators from harming you or your protected properties. Our officers are experts in a variety of security services including foot patrol, vehicle patrol or both.

Depending on your security needs we will create a team that will leave you feeling fully protected

Our guards has AGLC, PROtect & PROserve licenses to be able to legally guard events with the best performance

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Industries We Specialize In Serving

Industrial Security

Commercial Entities


Industrial Sites

Logistics & Warehouse

Parking Lots

Truck Yards

Commercial Security

Commercial Sites

Corporate Buildings

Malls & Plazas

Manufacturing & Facility Plants

Parking Enforcement

Risk Analysis

Residental Security

Appartment Buildings

Alarm Response


Mobile Patrol

Residential Complexes


Oil & Gas Security

Private Security

Event Security