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When you hire an Enforcement Security Services guard or guard team, you are taking the first step towards a secure home, event or business. Our highly skilled officers utilize the training that they have received to prevent, protect and guard your properties with the utmost care and security level.

The fitness level of our guards allows them to physically prevent security breaches and potential perpetrators from harming you or your protected properties. Our officers are experts in a variety of security services including foot patrol, vehicle patrol or both.

Depending on your security needs we will create a team that will leave you feeling fully protected

The guards will follow specified protocol designed for your protection needs. These protocols will be developed through discussing your security requests and are frequently updated/enhanced to ensure you are receiving the optimum protection and reducing any vulnerability. Our security officers offer a professional and courteous manner while performing all tasks (ie:credential inspections, bag search procedures, ect.) in the utmost professional way.

At the same time, our guards are always surveying for any security breaches that may occur. A proper inspection of the premises will be performed to provide you with our professional recommendations in terms of any existing security systems in place.

Our Guards are fully equipped, trained and experienced security officers that you can count on!

Our guards has AGLC, PROtect & PROserve licenses to be able to legally guard events with the best performance

Questions? Please feel free to contact us today!

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Commercial Security

Commercial Sites

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