Our Services


Our security officers will patrol your property in their vehicles in order to secure larger areas. This allows for easy access and quick response from officers should an incident occur.


Our security officers will visit the site of protection continually throughout the day and conduct continuous surveillance of the entire property.


Enforcement Security Services will provide an officer that is available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor your home or business security alarm systems


We provide a combination of vehicle and foot patrol officers to protect you and your properties.


Our security officers will be dispatched as soon as your alarm is triggered, providing consistent support until the issue is resolved.


Save thousands of dollars a day with loss prevention officers protecting your stores.


Get more protection with a customized service plan for your home or business needs.

Protect your assets with Uniformed Patrol Officers You will benefit from the variety of services available from our experienced security patrol officers such as: vehicle patrol, foot patrol, roaming patrol, on-site security guards, alarm response services, loss prevention and custom patrol services. Based on your needs we will protect. Our security officers will patrol the property with our Vehicle Patrol Units. The usage of this method of patrol will allow our guards to secure large areas and access multiple locations in a short time. Our guards will make visible rounds in random patterns on the property to secure the location. This method works best for large spaces, parking lots/decks and community watch programs. You may choose to have an on Foot Patrol Service in which our guards will visit the property a specified number of visits each day and survey the entire property.

This surveillance includes checking:
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Locks
  • Vehicles
  • Loading docks
  • Illegally parked Vehicles
  • Office Spaces
  • File cabinets are locked
  • Multi-location protection options
  • Comprehensive perimeter patrol protocols
  • Secure courier delivery services
  • Fire watch and emergency response protocols
  • Roadblock and detour enforcement’s
  • Parking and traffic flow enforcement
  • Roaming Security Patrols is a combination of foot patrol services and vehicle patrol services. Our guards will canvas the area in vehicles and exit their vehicles to check on the property.

    Benefit from having a trained professional On-Site Security Guard to protect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our on-site security guards will be dedicated to the location.

    A professional guard will be sent to the protection area once an Alarm Response is triggered. They will patrol the area and respond to any break-ins or damages.

    “Retailers lose up to $3 billion a year due to theft and shoplifting alone” based on the Retail Council of Canada. (https://www.retailcouncil.org/)

    Our Loss Prevention Services will patrol your properties to protect against potential physical and financial losses that root from retail theft and shoplifters.

    We offer a variety of retail oriented services to optimize your protection. These include parking patrol, guards on site, mobile patrols, on point security and communication with the law enforcement. Depending on the size of your business/property we will determine the number of guards needed to provide optimum protection.

    You may choose to have a Custom Patrol Service that may increase the frequency of visits to the site, more after-hour patrols, and deter trespassers. Should the need arise, our professional guard should coordinate with local law enforcement.

    Our Guards are fully equipped, trained, and experienced security guards that you can count on.

    Why Choose Our Versatile Security Patrol Services?

    To further prevent possible incidents our officers perform constant property surveillance with ever changing patrol schedules in order to further ensure safety. This helps to reduce the chances of criminal activity on your property as the potential perpetrator will find it difficult to anticipate the officers location or patrol patterns.